Jackie Evancho to Release Album of Broadway’s New American Songbook ‘The Debut’

With her upcoming new album, “The Debut”, multi-platinum recording artist, Jackie Evancho will match her extraordinary voice with one of the most exciting re-emerging genres in popular music today: Broadway’s New American Songbook. “The Debut “is set for release spring 2019. “The Debut” also marks the coming of age of this now 18 year old. No longer the child prodigy, Jackie Evancho has blossomed into one of the greatest vocal talents in the world today. Some even compare her to an emerging Barbra Streisand.

Inspired by the great tradition of Broadway musicals, there’s a new generation of groundbreaking songwriters who are revitalizing the musical theatre paradigm on both the stage and the screen. This “new Broadway” genre is adding a remarkable new chapter to the Great American Songbook – and Jackie will be the first recording artist to embrace this rich body of work and re-invent it as her own.

With breakthrough musicals like Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Waitress, Once, Spring Awakening and hit films like the Greatest Showman, these songs have permeated mainstream culture-building its already impassioned musical theatre audiences while cultivating a brand-new generation of ultra-engaged young fans.


The incredible composers of this new American Songbook – Lin-Manuel MirandaBenj Pasek & Justin PaulStephen SchwartzSteven SaterDuncan SheikSara Bareilles – write songs in a modern, authentic voice. They tell stories from a fresh, young perspective that are of-the-moment, breathtakingly emotional and unafraid to reach for the beautiful, bold moments of the Broadway art-form is known for.

As an 18-year-old recording artist, Jackie is in a unique position to bring a young woman’s perspective to this stunning repertoire and to become one of the great voices of contemporary musical theatre and its generation. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Says Jackie, “I’m very proud to be recording and interpreting songs by these contemporary theater songwriters. Not only do I love the songs but I am able tell a story and interpret them from my perspective. It was an incredible experience getting to know these characters and songs and I can’t wait to perform them live!”


A worldwide sensation when she was only ten years old, Jackie Evancho has moved past the exuberant promise of a child prodigy vocalist. Jackie Evanchohas released a string of platinum and gold albums, with sales of over 3 million in the US. Along the way, she has also made history – the youngest solo platinum artist … the youngest Top 5 debut artist ever in the U.K. … the youngest person to give solo concert at Lincoln Center … the highest-ranking debut artist of 2010. All seven of Jackie’s albums have hit No. 1 on the Billboard Classical chart. The magnitude of her success led Billboard twice (in 2010 and 2012) to include Jackie on its list of “music movers-and-shakers under the age of 21.” She can be seen on February 4th on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.”


  • BURN (from Hamilton)
  • A MILLION DREAMS (from The Greatest Showman)
  • FALLING SLOWLY (from Once)
  • SOMEWHERE (from West Side Story)
  • REQUIEM (from Dear Evan Hansen) 
  • ONCE UPON A DECEMBER (from Anastasia)
  • I’M NOT THAT GIRL (from Wicked)
  • SHE USED TO BE MINE (from Waitress)
  • WHISPERING (from Spring Awakening)